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    Thank you for a Wonderful time at our wedding.  You guys did an amazing job and we couldn’t be happier.  You were great to work with and you’re very friendly & Professional.  The music sounded great!  Thanks again for everything!


    Scott & Christine K.

    Thanks for running the show.  You did a great job and we’ll be sure to pass your name on for any future events.  What can I say?  Your were absolutely fantastic!  I think you played every single one of our requests and ket the party going.  Every body said They had a great time and that they loved the music.  Thank you so much for making our day so special.

    Matt & Lindsey W.

    Where to begin our thanks!!!  From the moment we stepped foot into the room you kept the reception going!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people on the dance floor at one time!!  You literally “heated up the floor/room”!!  From the opening conga line!!! AWESOME!!!! to the very last dance.  Andrea and John had a blast as well as our guests!!  Yes I have to admit breaking up the “specials” was a good idea.  I will NEVER question the best in the business!!!  Just a comparison  ~ Went to a retirement party with a different DJ and maybe 10 out of the 137 people got up and danced!  Now, what does that tell ya!!!  Frankie Leonetti Get 180 out of 187 out on the floor!!!!  Way to go Frankie!!!!  Thank you for our happy and special memories, especially with papa’s dance to My Andrea.  That, next to the Father/Daughter dance was the highlite for her and our family, especially due to the circumstances.  Again Frankie, I can’t say it enough times......thank you for Andrea, Johnnie, and both our families happy memories! You are the BEST!!!  See you in December.  Let’s see if you can top this one!!! Lol

Warmest regards,

    Kim (Mother of Bride) & Andrea (Bride)